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Who knew that zombie and cricket would ever be found in a sentence? Well in Ashes 2 Ashes Zombie Cricket, you will be playing this grand spectator sport with animated corpses!

You dont play this like any cricket game, a swarm of zombies is slowly walking towards you and you should hit the ball towards them to kill them. You only have to click the mouse to swing, but you must wait for the most opportune moment before you click away because the time in which you swing could affect the strength and direction that the ball flies, and this is very important because these zombies dont die with one ball and it usually takes them a few shots before they are eliminated.

You can, however use only one ball to kill a zombie if you hit it at the right spot, and everybody knows where a zombies weak spot is. Thats right! Aim for those heads! Decapitation is a one shot sure-kill. Another cricketer will be running back on forth to supply the balls for you to hit, and it is recommended for you to wait for the ball to bounce first before you hit it. Dont let a zombie get to you or your brain will be their breakfast.


Click the Mouse to Swing.

Hit the ball with the bat to attack the zombies.

Wait for the ball to bounce first before hitting for more damage.

Dont let the zombies touch you.

Player: You are player number 202197

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