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The cricket game Ashes Bash Cricket is one where you have to time the swing of your bat to hit the ball in the direction you want. You can select from either England or Australia as your team, and when you have decided, you can choose a scenario from four available choices.

There are different goals for each scenario and all of them are a challenge to play. Inside a large gym with hundreds of audiences dotting the seats, you play as the batsman in the middle waiting for the ball to be thrown at you.

You are controlling the stick with the arrow keys, and you will be surrounded by paper-Mache-like players. Timing is the key to success in this simplified online cricket game, as it affects the trajectory of the ball. You can only swing counter-clockwise and you should note the distance of the ball before swinging too because you might swing prematurely or swing too late. Double tapping the down arrow key lets you loft the ball away.

If you hit the ball and it is retrieved by the other players, it is one run. Getting the ball out of the white outline near the walls of the stadium is considered two runs, and the game is over when you get a certain number of runs.


Right arrow key to move the bat to the right.

Left arrow key to move the bat to the left.

Down arrow key to start the swing of the bat.

Tap down arrow key twice to loft the ball.

Player: You are player number 79412

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