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Its time to bruise some batsmen up with Bodyline Cricket! In this flash cricket game, your goal is to take down the batsmen with hitting them with a ball as hard as possible.

The batsmen will be standing inside a rectangular frame with a horizontal and vertical line moving along their bodies. Press the space bar at the right time to create the coordinates for the ball to take. Your character will then throw a ball into the point that you created to hurt the batsman as much as possible.

Surely it is one big ouch moment for him because every hitting ball causes him to bleed, and you should take them all out in a stretcher to finish the game. Hitting the batsman thrice in a row will earn you a wicket and having a wicket basically means more damage.

Hitting three wickets in a row further increases your potency, and gives you max power! With max power on, you can take a batsman in one swing, sending them to the hospital with a hit to anywhere in their bodies.

You can always aim for the head which deals more damage than anywhere else but if you aimed incorrectly, the batsman could just shrug your attack by hitting it with the bat.


Space bar to position the horizontal and vertical lines.

Hit the player three times to earn a wicket.

Three wickets in a row gives max power.

If the ball reaches the fielder, press the correct button combination to hit the batsman.

Take down the batsmen!

Player: You are player number 52267

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