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As the title implies, having good hands to catch the ball with usually wins a cricket game. In Catches Win Matches, your goal is to catch the ball which will be flying in with speed, and you will be controlling a glove that you will move around to successfully catch the ball.

You can select how many overs will you be dealing with and when you have decided, its time to get your game on. The view will be in a first person perspective, and the batsman will be standing in front of you in a short distance. This short distance is bad for you because combining that with the speed of the ball, it is quite difficult to catch one.

The batsman wont be aiming at the same area twice and when you moved your gloves to one side in anticipation of the next ball, the batsman could then aim for the far side from where your hands are, making you again, miss the catch.

If you place the gloves at the center of the screen so you can quickly get to either side, you risk not seeing where the ball is going and it would soon be too late for you react and once again miss the catch.


Use your hands to catch the ball.

Move your mouse to move your gloves.

Catch as much balls as possible to score points.

You can only be a good cricketer with safe hands!

Player: You are player number 123806

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