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Cricket challenge is a flash game that shall test your knowledge and skill in the cricket game! the game consists of 15 overs of 6 balls per over and play continues until all of the overs have been completed or you have lost 10 wickets.

The ball will be coming at you at varying speeds, lengths and position so a bit of intuition, hand-eye coordination and quick response time is needed to win. There will be different kinds of swings that you can use with the arrow keys and shift keys, and choosing the correct one is crucial because each swing delivers a different result when used.

There will be an indicator at the bottom of the screen which is some sort of hint system for you to know the correct kind of swing to use. If you choose to combine the arrow keys with the shift key, the swing will have more power to it, but accuracy will be decreased in return.

You can choose to have batting practice first before you start the actual game to familiarize with the controls since there are many buttons to press. You may sometimes get confused, but practice makes perfect so its not a bad idea to play batting practice first.


Right arrow key for square cut.

Left arrow key to Pull.

Up arrow key for straight drive.

Down for forward defensive.

Shift + right for power cut.

Shift + Left arrow key slog sweep.

Shift +Up lofted power drive.

Player: You are player number 126344

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