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Here is an online flash cricket game with a twist so big it doesnt look anywhere near a real cricket game. In Defend the ashes, aussies will be running towards the ashes and it is your job as a hand to pick them up and throw them away so the jar remains safe.

Besides the regular picking-up and tossing off the screen, you can also pick them up, let go of them and hit them away for extra points! Picking them up and tossing them away like bugs might take bit too much time and they wont stop coming in so if ever the aussies are swarming in too many at a time and is defying your hand which is the first line of defence, you can use the panic weapons to push them back or eliminate many at once.

You can get even more weapons by rolling over the crates. They will be running in from left and right and will try to get into the cup and when you are distracted on one side, the aussies could already be invading your cup from the other.

There are lots of weapons for you to use against them like a car that will roll downhill, knocking away anyone it passes through, a hat that blocks the way, thunderstorms that shock the enemies and more!


Left click to pick up an invader and toss it off the screen.

Left click again in midair to hit them with a bat.

Use the emergency weapons when there are too many invaders.

The cup of ashes will be taken away when too many invaders get in.

Player: You are player number 100329

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