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Tear down the ranks and beat the best to win the ultimate Cricket Championship! The Dominator Cup is a flash cricket game that is simulated from real-life cricket games.

Hit the space bar to start bowling and use the arrow keys to take your shot into the corresponding direction. Win the match for more opponents to get unlocked and to beat!

Teams that you can play against are colored green while the locked ones are in red. After choosing your enemy, you start the game as the batsman. You will be playing in a third person view, from where you can see the one who will bowl and the other players.

The controls are as simple as pressing the arrow key to pitch into that corresponding direction, although you have to be mindful of where the ball will be coming from and then decide which way to bat to, and this decision-making moment is only available for a few seconds before the ball passes through you and you fail to pitch.

If you successfully hit the ball and none of the enemy teams players caught it, then you score points and the points increase the farther the ball got so wait for the best moment to strike!


Use the mouse to control your player and the bat.

Left-click to hit the ball.

Hit three 4s in a row to become a super hitter.

Keep tapping space when you get into a fight to beat your opponents.

Player: You are player number 337611

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