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Fans of the Cricket sports can certainly appreciate this flash game. Flash Cricket 2 will let you name your character and pick a team for the high scores which is good for the competitive players out there.

Your stats will be recorded like how many balls you have hit, how many 4 or 6 runs have you made, and of course your best hit.

You have 11 tasks to do in total, with each task equal to a certain points value for your team. Completing a task unlocks the next, and your game is beat when you finally complete the last task.

The graphics are similar to a wii game which is good since this game is only a flash version. You also hear applause when you successfully complete your task. Audio and visuals aside, during the actual cricket game, you will be playing in a third person view or specifically, behind your controlled character.

You move him with the arrow key so he can hit the ball with one of three possible pitch variations. He can either do a pull, a straight drove or a cut with the arrow keys, while double tapping any of these keys will make him loft the ball.


Z to perform a pull.

X to perform a straight drive.

C to perform a cut.

Double tap a key quickly to loft the ball Move the mouse to control your character.

Player: You are player number 194189

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