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Hit and Run is an online with two modes available for you to play and enjoy!

Your goal is to whack the balls and score the run, and with that funky soundtrack and easy controls, cricket is as fun as ever.

You will be playing as the batsman in this game and you have to position him with the left and right arrow keys. When you think you have already put him in the most efficient position, you can press the spacebar to activate the bowling. When the ball has been released, wait for the best moment and swing your bat in three varying moves with the left, right or down arrow keys.

In challenge mode, there are six available teams and when you have chosen which team to use, you will have to beat the other five teams. You will need a certain number of runs to win against the opposing team, and the requirement differs for each team. Scoring a 6 or a four gets you an applause, however getting bowled will have you at an embarrassing moment in front of thousands of watching fans.

You will be playing at a third person perspective and your character will be at the far side of the screen. In survival mode, you have to score as much as possible with limited balls.

The highest run reply in ODI was between Australia and South Africa. Australia scored 434 for 4 but South African cricket team replied with 438 for 9 with one wicket and one ball spare. A very good game of cricket indeed.


Left and Right arrow keys to position your batsman.

Spacebar to activate bowling.

After bowling activated,
Left, Right and down arrow keys to make your shot.

Player: You are player number 435842

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