Cricket Games Welcome to Cricket Games Cricket. We offer a great collection of free cricket games for you to play online. English World Cricket
After the short introduction showing the play of the bowler, the batsman and the fielder, you can finally jump into the excitement of being in a world cricket game.

World Cricket will let you play as either the bowler or the batsman and thus will have to learn two different control styles. If you are currently playing as the batsman, then you will be using one or a combination of arrow keys to perform different shots like a straight drive, a cut, a pull and many others. If you are playing as the bowler, then you only have to worry about positioning your bowling marker and your character will automatically throw the ball at maximum power. Select your team from a wide selection then select how many overs will there be to win a match.

After choosing heads or tails for the coin toss, you will then finally be in for the real thing. The game will be seen in a third person perspective and the camera is zoomed in on the batsman and the bowler so you can see the ball coming or you can determine how to throw the ball. Choose if the ball shall get a fast release or a slow one.]]>
Tabletop Cricket
In the flash cricket game Tabletop Cricket you can choose from one of two teams which is England and Australia, and in the game you will have two innings; one where you the batsman and one where you control the bowler.

After choosing your team, you will choose one side of a coin for a toss to determine which team will go first. When bowling, you need to position your fielders, and each innings has 4 overs of 6 balls each. Click and drag the bowler and batsman to set up their speed and direction, and release the mouse to activate them.

Each team has 11 players, and each player stays in bat until they are either bowled or caught out. The innings will end when either the 10th batsman is out or all of the overs have been completed. There are different zones in the pitch and you can score up to 6 points depending on where the ball lands and of course, how far.

If you are the bowler, position your fielders where you think the ball will go if the batsman from the other team hits the ball, which requires a bit of intuition. If you bowl with little strength, then the batsman can only hit the ball with little strength too.]]>
Top Spinner Blitz
Have a jolly good time as a batsman in Top Spinner Blitz! More like a mini-game than a real cricket game, you will be playing as a ragdoll batsman faced against a machine in an unknown kung fu like stance with a bat, hitting all the balls thrown at you and aiming for the wall with score indicators.

Did you get that? Well its simple actually: you have to control the bat using the mouse. Balls will be thrown at you from the right of the screen while your player is on the left side with a bat in his hand. Time your swings and move your mouse pointer to the right when a ball is incoming to hit it. Hit upwards to make the ball hit the higher part of the wall which is worth 6 points.

When you hit the wall multiple times in a row, then you get a score multiplier which increases your points by a high amount, and chaining 3 times can activate the multiball option, where a flurry of balls will be released at you and you can just swing like a madman, hoping that you hit the balls strong enough for them to touch the walls. ]]>
Super Sixers
In Super Sixers, the game is already down to the wire and quick runs are the need of the hour. Slam your way through the last 4 overs and up the run rate to save the game!

This cricket game takes place inside an audience-filled stadium, and you are playing as a batsman to strike the ball and save your team from a loss. In a third person view, you will be behind your batsman, while he is focusing on the ball.

The bowler will be at the far side of the screen and will throw the ball at your character at full speed, and you should use careful timing and intuition to successfully hit the ball to score runs. Your batsmans body is slightly see-through so you know where the ball will be going, which is the white box drawn in the field.

When you have adjusted your batsman with the left and right arrow key, you can then press the spacebar to have the ball thrown, and when the ball is already coming at you, press spacebar again to strike!

You should wait for the absolute best moment before swinging your bat though, because it could affect the distance and direction that the ball will take.]]>
Flash Cricket 2
Fans of the Cricket sports can certainly appreciate this flash game. Flash Cricket 2 will let you name your character and pick a team for the high scores which is good for the competitive players out there.

Your stats will be recorded like how many balls you have hit, how many 4 or 6 runs have you made, and of course your best hit.

You have 11 tasks to do in total, with each task equal to a certain points value for your team. Completing a task unlocks the next, and your game is beat when you finally complete the last task.

The graphics are similar to a wii game which is good since this game is only a flash version. You also hear applause when you successfully complete your task. Audio and visuals aside, during the actual cricket game, you will be playing in a third person view or specifically, behind your controlled character.

You move him with the arrow key so he can hit the ball with one of three possible pitch variations. He can either do a pull, a straight drove or a cut with the arrow keys, while double tapping any of these keys will make him loft the ball. ]]>
Slog Cricket
Pursue the bat-and-ball sport online with Slog Cricket. In this flash cricket game, you will function as a batsman in charge of hitting the ball.

You will be controlling a bat with the arrow keys to press. Hit the ball to score runs, lofting can make you hit a 6. In each over, you will only be facing 6 balls, and you will have to score as much with these.

When your stumps are hit by the ball and stumbles down, you lose a wicket. You can also lose a wicket when a fielder catches a ball that you have just hit. Lose ten wickets and the game is over.

You will be selecting a team, and then deciding which scenario to play, and by scenario I mean requirements for you to complete a level. The harder are locked away until you complete the easier ones, and even the easy ones need a bit of trial and error to complete.

The players, including you, are positioned horizontally with the other players surrounding you. Simply swinging brings your bat to a counter-clockwise arc, and while this is effective, it can only give you a few runs. Lofting the ball at the right time however, gives you a possible 6 runs!]]>
The Dominator Cup
Tear down the ranks and beat the best to win the ultimate Cricket Championship! The Dominator Cup is a flash cricket game that is simulated from real-life cricket games.

Hit the space bar to start bowling and use the arrow keys to take your shot into the corresponding direction. Win the match for more opponents to get unlocked and to beat!

Teams that you can play against are colored green while the locked ones are in red. After choosing your enemy, you start the game as the batsman. You will be playing in a third person view, from where you can see the one who will bowl and the other players.

The controls are as simple as pressing the arrow key to pitch into that corresponding direction, although you have to be mindful of where the ball will be coming from and then decide which way to bat to, and this decision-making moment is only available for a few seconds before the ball passes through you and you fail to pitch.

If you successfully hit the ball and none of the enemy teams players caught it, then you score points and the points increase the farther the ball got so wait for the best moment to strike!]]>
Defend the Ashes
Here is an online flash cricket game with a twist so big it doesnt look anywhere near a real cricket game. In Defend the ashes, aussies will be running towards the ashes and it is your job as a hand to pick them up and throw them away so the jar remains safe.

Besides the regular picking-up and tossing off the screen, you can also pick them up, let go of them and hit them away for extra points! Picking them up and tossing them away like bugs might take bit too much time and they wont stop coming in so if ever the aussies are swarming in too many at a time and is defying your hand which is the first line of defence, you can use the panic weapons to push them back or eliminate many at once.

You can get even more weapons by rolling over the crates. They will be running in from left and right and will try to get into the cup and when you are distracted on one side, the aussies could already be invading your cup from the other.

There are lots of weapons for you to use against them like a car that will roll downhill, knocking away anyone it passes through, a hat that blocks the way, thunderstorms that shock the enemies and more!]]>
Cricket Challenge
Cricket challenge is a flash game that shall test your knowledge and skill in the cricket game! the game consists of 15 overs of 6 balls per over and play continues until all of the overs have been completed or you have lost 10 wickets.

The ball will be coming at you at varying speeds, lengths and position so a bit of intuition, hand-eye coordination and quick response time is needed to win. There will be different kinds of swings that you can use with the arrow keys and shift keys, and choosing the correct one is crucial because each swing delivers a different result when used.

There will be an indicator at the bottom of the screen which is some sort of hint system for you to know the correct kind of swing to use. If you choose to combine the arrow keys with the shift key, the swing will have more power to it, but accuracy will be decreased in return.

You can choose to have batting practice first before you start the actual game to familiarize with the controls since there are many buttons to press. You may sometimes get confused, but practice makes perfect so its not a bad idea to play batting practice first.]]>
Catches Win Matches
As the title implies, having good hands to catch the ball with usually wins a cricket game. In Catches Win Matches, your goal is to catch the ball which will be flying in with speed, and you will be controlling a glove that you will move around to successfully catch the ball.

You can select how many overs will you be dealing with and when you have decided, its time to get your game on. The view will be in a first person perspective, and the batsman will be standing in front of you in a short distance. This short distance is bad for you because combining that with the speed of the ball, it is quite difficult to catch one.

The batsman wont be aiming at the same area twice and when you moved your gloves to one side in anticipation of the next ball, the batsman could then aim for the far side from where your hands are, making you again, miss the catch.

If you place the gloves at the center of the screen so you can quickly get to either side, you risk not seeing where the ball is going and it would soon be too late for you react and once again miss the catch.]]>