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Pursue the bat-and-ball sport online with Slog Cricket. In this flash cricket game, you will function as a batsman in charge of hitting the ball.

You will be controlling a bat with the arrow keys to press. Hit the ball to score runs, lofting can make you hit a 6. In each over, you will only be facing 6 balls, and you will have to score as much with these.

When your stumps are hit by the ball and stumbles down, you lose a wicket. You can also lose a wicket when a fielder catches a ball that you have just hit. Lose ten wickets and the game is over.

You will be selecting a team, and then deciding which scenario to play, and by scenario I mean requirements for you to complete a level. The harder are locked away until you complete the easier ones, and even the easy ones need a bit of trial and error to complete.

The players, including you, are positioned horizontally with the other players surrounding you. Simply swinging brings your bat to a counter-clockwise arc, and while this is effective, it can only give you a few runs. Lofting the ball at the right time however, gives you a possible 6 runs!


Use the mouse to catch the ball.

Click when the red marker reaches the yellow spot to throw the ball.

Fill the stump and catch gauges to progress to the next level.

Player: You are player number 88655

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