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International one day teams are battling it out in Stick Cricket! In this stick people game you will be playing as the English cricket team and you should chase your opponents score in limited overs game.

In game, you will be playing from a third person perspective, behind your controlled character. After bowling, you will have to choose from three different types of swings to use. W, A or D or the left, right and up arrow keys each have a kind of swing mapped to them.

You should choose depending on where the ball goes. For example, When the ball goes to the right, tap the right arrow key to perform a cut that effectively hits the ball to a far distance, and if the ball is travelling straight, then perform a straight drive by tapping the up arrow key. Ducking can also be done if you refuse to swing.

Be careful with swinging because you might miss or hit it towards an opponent and get caught, only to be thrown a boo from the crowd. 6s however will send the fans cheering. When a player is out, the next in line will be the batsman and will continue until the last player of your team gets out or you defeat your enemy.


W or Up arrow key for straight drive/defend/let go.

A or Left arrow key for cow corner,pull,hook.

D or Right arrow key for cut/off drive.

S or Down arrow key for duck.

Player: You are player number 472703

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