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Eye on the ball, feet on the field, aiming to win! Now that is a good tagline from the cricket game Super Fielder.

You can play in two different modes in this game which is survival mode where you have three lives, unlimited time, and you have to score as much as possible. In challenge mode, you have to reach the target and get through all the levels in a limited time.

The objective is simple, to bowl and catch the ball that the machine throws. You use the mouse to move the hand that will catch the ball, and you should make sure to try and catch it through the middle of your two hands.

After successfully catching a ball, you should then throw it into the wickets, and this is timing based where in a blue bar with a yellow spot in the middle will have a red marker line that will be moving back and forth. You should left-click when that red marker is within the yellow spot to knock the wickets down, and clicking outside of it will only make a throw that will surely miss.

The machine throws the ball at a high speed so you have to react quickly to catch the ball.

Super Fielder is a great game if you want to see how good you are against the batting team. Remember to win at cricket games sometimes you need not only to be a good batsman.

Dwayne Bravo - West Indies, Kevin Pietersen - England, Suresh Raina - India and Devon Smith - West Indies all have one thing in common and that is they are all world class cricket fielders.

It is very important in the modern game of cricket to have such players. South African Captain Hansie Cronje once said that Jonty Rhodes was picked for the South African Cricket team purely because of his great fielding skill and if he did manage to score runs while batting then that would be a bonus!


Player: You are player number 180729

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