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In Super Sixers, the game is already down to the wire and quick runs are the need of the hour. Slam your way through the last 4 overs and up the run rate to save the game!

This cricket game takes place inside an audience-filled stadium, and you are playing as a batsman to strike the ball and save your team from a loss. In a third person view, you will be behind your batsman, while he is focusing on the ball.

The bowler will be at the far side of the screen and will throw the ball at your character at full speed, and you should use careful timing and intuition to successfully hit the ball to score runs. Your batsmans body is slightly see-through so you know where the ball will be going, which is the white box drawn in the field.

When you have adjusted your batsman with the left and right arrow key, you can then press the spacebar to have the ball thrown, and when the ball is already coming at you, press spacebar again to strike!

You should wait for the absolute best moment before swinging your bat though, because it could affect the distance and direction that the ball will take.


Arrow keys to adjust the batsman position.

Spacebar when you are ready and once again to strike the ball.

Time your strokes perfectly to score maximum runs.

Player: You are player number 130779

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