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In the flash cricket game Tabletop Cricket you can choose from one of two teams which is England and Australia, and in the game you will have two innings; one where you the batsman and one where you control the bowler.

After choosing your team, you will choose one side of a coin for a toss to determine which team will go first. When bowling, you need to position your fielders, and each innings has 4 overs of 6 balls each. Click and drag the bowler and batsman to set up their speed and direction, and release the mouse to activate them.

Each team has 11 players, and each player stays in bat until they are either bowled or caught out. The innings will end when either the 10th batsman is out or all of the overs have been completed. There are different zones in the pitch and you can score up to 6 points depending on where the ball lands and of course, how far.

If you are the bowler, position your fielders where you think the ball will go if the batsman from the other team hits the ball, which requires a bit of intuition. If you bowl with little strength, then the batsman can only hit the ball with little strength too.


You will be playing as the bowler or the batsman.

Drag from your character to adjust his speed in direction in bowling/swinging the bat.

Position your fielders where you think the ball will go when you are the bowler. Aim for the yellow lines to score a 6.

Player: You are player number 131207

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