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Have a jolly good time as a batsman in Top Spinner Blitz! More like a mini-game than a real cricket game, you will be playing as a ragdoll batsman faced against a machine in an unknown kung fu like stance with a bat, hitting all the balls thrown at you and aiming for the wall with score indicators.

Did you get that? Well its simple actually: you have to control the bat using the mouse. Balls will be thrown at you from the right of the screen while your player is on the left side with a bat in his hand. Time your swings and move your mouse pointer to the right when a ball is incoming to hit it. Hit upwards to make the ball hit the higher part of the wall which is worth 6 points.

When you hit the wall multiple times in a row, then you get a score multiplier which increases your points by a high amount, and chaining 3 times can activate the multiball option, where a flurry of balls will be released at you and you can just swing like a madman, hoping that you hit the balls strong enough for them to touch the walls.


Score as many runs within a time limit.

Chain hits to get multipliers.

Chain 3 times for multiball option.

Use the mouse to control the bat.

Player: You are player number 142397

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