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Be the ultimate batsman thru practice with Top Spinner Cricket. In this cricket mini-game, you will be a batsman encased within marked walls while balls come at you from the right side of the screen.

Your body will be like that of a ragdoll, but you wont be moving anyway and you will just stay in place. Your only control is the mouse for moving the bat, and you dont even have to click.

You only swing by moving the mouse in an arc or to the right. Try to hit upwards to score 6 points with one ball.

Be careful however because having the ball touch the black and yellow marked walls means game over. There are no open spaces within that rectangular wall, so the balls that you hit will always definitely hit a part of the wall if your swing is strong enough, and you can score 1 to 6 points from the wall in front of you and some more points behind you although it is very hard to aim for those at your back, but the bigger portion of the wall is the dreaded black and yellow wall.

Dont let your ball touch the dual colored walls and dont let the balls tumble your stumps too because that can cause a game over.


Use the mouse to control the bat.

Hit the colored walls to score points.

The game is over when the stumps fall over or you hit the yellow and black marks.

Player: You are player number 304513

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