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Win the game by scoring runs in Turbo Cricket! In this cricket game you will be playing as the batsman for your team from a third person view and from the sides so you can see your character wielding his bat and the balls coming in from the right side of the screen.

You are on a ready stance and your goal is to score a certain number of runs with a limited number of balls, and you should time your swings to make sure that you not only hit the ball, but also make it fly towards the point indicators.

There are white lines from where the balls are coming from and they are numbered, and this indicates how many runs you are going to score when you get the ball to fly into that direction. You can score either two, four or six points, and aiming for the six points could be a bit tricky because there is a small hole between the four and six lines where the ball might go through scoring you no points at all.

A ball is wasted when you dont hit it with your bat and it takes down the stumps that are standing by your feet. Set the shot to the right angle and with good timing, you can score runs before you lose all your balls.


Spacebar to attempt a shot.

Set the shot to the right angle and timing to score a run.

Score the required number of runs win the game.

Player: You are player number 102747

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