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Practice as a fielder in the cricket game. Wicket Keeping Volt! Now that the stadium is empty, you can practice with your team and your goal as the fielder is to catch the balls that will be hit by the batsman.

The game is set to a first person perspective and you will not see who you will be controlling, you can only see the gloves. You move the mouse to move the gloves and catch the ball which will be flying in all directions after being successfully hit by the batsman in front of you.

The bowler will be standing farther away from you but you dont really have to mind him, you have to anticipate where the ball will fly after meeting the bat, and catch it with your gloves. Before the shot is made, you have to keep the gloves somewhere where it wont block the view first then you have to be quick with your response once the ball has been hit and use your gloves to catch the ball.

Sometimes the ball might fly off the screen and still count as a miss if you think you cant catch it, but actually you can by pushing far enough.

Mark Boucher, Kumar Sangakkara, Kamran Akmal and Mahendra Dhoni have all been put forward as the best wicket keeper but who has heard of Alan Knott.

Knott was a class act with the gloves. Or what about Leslie Ames who managed to score 100 first-class centuries with the bat and with the gloves took 704 catches and 417 stumpings.


Move the mouse to move the player.

Left click to bat the ball.

Bowlers change after each over with different stats.

Adjust your timing with every other bowler.

Player: You are player number 63229

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