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After the short introduction showing the play of the bowler, the batsman and the fielder, you can finally jump into the excitement of being in a world cricket game.

World Cricket will let you play as either the bowler or the batsman and thus will have to learn two different control styles. If you are currently playing as the batsman, then you will be using one or a combination of arrow keys to perform different shots like a straight drive, a cut, a pull and many others. If you are playing as the bowler, then you only have to worry about positioning your bowling marker and your character will automatically throw the ball at maximum power. Select your team from a wide selection then select how many overs will there be to win a match.

After choosing heads or tails for the coin toss, you will then finally be in for the real thing. The game will be seen in a third person perspective and the camera is zoomed in on the batsman and the bowler so you can see the ball coming or you can determine how to throw the ball. Choose if the ball shall get a fast release or a slow one.


For batting:

A/D to move the batsman
one or a combination of arrow keys to play shot wait for the ball to bounce before taking the shot.

For bowling:

A/D keys to switch bowling sides
Arrow keys to position your bowling marker
Spacebar to lock marker at desired position

Player: You are player number 316769

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